Character is More Valuable Than Money

I love documentaries with a passion particularly documentaries about mafia/crime/drug lords and white-collar criminals (ala American Greed). I don’t know it is something about watching how much people will do for C.R.E.A.M. The other night I was watching the official documentary on the Black Mafia Family also known as BMF. The leader of BMF Big Meech used drug money to create an empire that spread over 12 states and over 300 associates. Big Meech’s plan was to get his drug enterprise to become a legitimate business through hip hop (we have heard this story before right?). The thing I noticed during the documentary is how much money was used as equitation of personal value. On the other side was how much people especially the FBI and District Attorneys kept saying that Meech’s character (outside of the drug selling) was a person of great character. They commented many times how he could have led people in a positive direction with his character and leadership skills. I began to think about how people want to invest into chasing dough that they never invest into their personal development and character. Character is 100% more valuable to your life than money.

black couple and materialismThere seems to be two dominant pools of people. The first group of people are those who can’t believe or hate on another person’s success and says that only outside things could have helped them (*cough cough* Everyone is in the Illuminati). Then there are those people who believe that those with money can do no wrong just because of the fact that they have money. Both are harmful but it is getting really disheartening to see some people put more value into people and themselves strictly by how much money they have attained.

Money, sex, and power have always been the motivation in this world but it seems we are give more legislation to the concept of money instead of taking the person into account. Money will make some women judge the viability of a man strictly on finances, judging a person’s success, judging a person’s morality, and even judging someone’s human worth. It’s crazy how people will not even critique a person honestly without talking about how much money they make or have. We all have  heard someone give a valid critique of a person and there is always somebody who responds, “But he got money though…more money than you.”

Having dough does show off to women that you can be a provider, displays how hard-working you maybe, or even how innovative and intelligent you are. However that is only part of a person’s story. What worth is a man who has all the money if he has no respect for the woman because he has dough? What is worth having the hard-working person with money around if they are unbearable to work with on a project? What is worth having the innovative genius on the squad if he will do anything no matter how unethical it maybe to achieve success?

I understand that just having good character and ethics isn’t going to keep the lights on and pay the bills but one has to measure a person’s character as well. But working hard on who you are as a person is just as important as chasing after money. Being a bitch/asshole all the time sounds good in theory but many times what we give to world is what we will ultimately end up getting. Life is all about trying to achieve some form of balance in our lives. I don’t know if we have always been a society who innately been all caring more about money than content of character.

377597Multicultural-Group-of-People-of-Various-Ages-Posters-378x300With the story of Big Meech and BMF just like many drug organizations were brought down by members cooperating with law enforcement. All of the opulent spending and money being thrown around meant nothing when the Feds start throwing around 100s of years. It maybe me think about if Meech would have learned earlier to put more development in the character everyone remarked on than continuing a criminal enterprise would have he been able to really flip BMF into the record label that he so coveted. People believe that money will buy them love, friendship, and acceptance when all money does is just buy you fake love, fake friendships, and fake acceptance. Being a person of good character will always bring along love, friendship, and acceptance. Not only would you have great character you will understand and know how to look for good character on those around you.

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8 responses to “Character is More Valuable Than Money

  1. Outstanding article D… my lady and I watched the very same documentary on Father’s Day and Meech seemed like he had the game figured out and winning. Let’s not forget that feuding with his brother, sloppy calls (by that brother) on the tapped phone and fate was what brought the 2 titans down. In the end I think Meech was on the right track for legitimacy but started too late in his career… we all know that many of the biggest companies grew from dirty money, unfortunately BMF fell short right when it was about to happen.

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  3. This is a good post but the sad part is most people in this world will never live their life like this. Beauty and money will always be the crown jewel

  4. WOW! Me and my friend were JUST minutes ago having this conversation. I was trying to get her to understand that I, first and foremost, want a man of good character. Money can be acquired. She was so adamant about placing a man’s worth and even her own on how much money one has acquired. I tried to explain that she and I simply want different things. I’d prefer a good man, husband and father over some a-hole who makes six figs. I will definitely be sharing this article with her. Maybe then she’ll get it. Great post!!

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