Not 25 Dollars But 25 Questions!

  1. Can we officially say Kanye West with this Yeezus album has officially creatively went off the deep end?
  2. How many people really sat and watched the dummy Nik Wallenda tight rope across the Grand Canyon?
  3. Isn’t this James Snowden situation feel like a plot out of a 80s movie?
  4.  If I told you last year that George Zimmerman’s attorney would start his opening statement with a knock-knock joke would you have believe me?
  5. What so far has been the best movie of the summer?
  6. Why has the Paula Deen discussion turned away from her treatment of her employees to being all about the word “nigger”?
  7. How stupid can you be kidnap a woman (subsequently accidentally killing her) just so you can save her?
  8. How bad of a rapper is French Montana?
  9. What were your thoughts on the documentary by Bill Duke Dark Girls that premiered on the Oprah Network?
  10. Do people really dislike Superman that much?
  11. Why do you not have R&B singer Ladamour in your life right now??
  12. How do you feel about the job Barack Obama has done in his presidency?
  13. Who else is missing Game of Thrones already?Ladamour R&B singer
  14. In a previous 25 Questions I asked “What happened to the women from Flavor of Love?” but could a show like that work today with let’s say a Tyrese?
  15. Why is it that some white people are enthralled with wanting to say the word “nigger” or “nigga”?
  16. Why do we have to wait for heaven when we can work to make heaven here on earth?
  17. How dope is it that Fruitvale Station is looking to be a dope film?
  18. Has Lebron James quieted his haters with his 2nd Championship?
  19. Will Paula Deen be able to recover from the “nigger” fiasco unlike Michael Richards?
  20. Why have you not been locked in and listening to Straight Outta LoCash?
  21. Does EVERYTHING someone does to become successful always have to be attributed to the Illuminati?
  22. Isn’t it refreshing that 50% of debates can be solved from Googling?
  23. Has the game not changed when someone can be in line and shoot someone over the new Lebron James’ shoes and get right back in line?
  24. How mad are sports agents at Jay-Z for getting this agent thing poppin?
  25. Do you judge the UK woman for admitting she has had sex with 370 men by the age of 35?

Fruitvale Station

Do you have any answers to these questions? You may not have 25 Dollars but what questions do you have?

Make sure you check out this week’s episode of the “Straight Outta Lo Cash” Radio Show. This week’s show “How Do You Get Dick From Richard?” feat Mark Bland . You can also subscribe to the show on I-Tunes or listen on your Android, I-Phone, or I-Pad with Stitcher Radio.

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10 responses to “Not 25 Dollars But 25 Questions!

  1. In response to Question 4, it’s absurd and quite racist for a White attorney to dishonor a dead Black boy in the way in which he did. I have some similar outrage for him as I have for Zimmerman’s actual murdering of the young Martin boy.

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  3. Miss me with the questions, but West is so full of himself he thinks he can do whatever he wants and people will just consume. They put that bullshit in and listen to it like they like it….AND, if they listen long enough they will like it and in turn, push it.

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