Guilty By Association-You Are The Company You Keep

In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith portrays the character Chris Gardener who made it in the financial world against all odds. In the film he goes through trials and tribulations to get out of the rat race and make a better life for him and his son.  During the movie Chris Gardener says “You are who you associate with. Look around at your 5 closest friends and that’s who you are. If you don’t want to be that person you know what you gotta do.”

Gardener’s quote is something that has stood out to me the last few years of my life. I believe that life is all about energy either it be positive or negative. With that being said those who are in your circle are people who you share your energy with. The people around you overtime become who you are as well. Positive energy attracts positive energy and vice versa with negative energy. Have you ever been around someone and it feels like that have sucked all your energy just by being in your presence? Now think about if you had someone like that around you all the time. It may keep you from going that extra mile from furthering your career or personal development. The opposite also holds true as well where a person with mad positive energy around you can influence you to take things to another level.

group multi-ethnic-attractive-friends-chilling-and-dancing-dressed-in-black-at-cocktail-roofIf you are a woman and majority of your friends are hood rats who have no class or character to themselves you know what you maybe a hood rat yourself. If majority of the chicks who you hang with think it is cool or acceptable to align themselves with getting money out of men, have a bitter aura and nature, and are not actively trying to be come a better woman what does say about you?  You have to think where do you and those people common interest lie? Maybe there is some part of your personality and energy that you need to check that draws you to that person or people.

If you are a man and all your boys are just cool selling a little weed and working at Jiffy Lube than maybe you need to check yourself. If most of your boys are not trying to build their future kingdom and only care about hoes and clothes; evaluation on your part maybe needed. How can you be a person who is trying to evolve as a person when those around you aren’t evolving? Either you will evolve to the point where you will move outside of those negative circles or you will stay in those circles and just hustle backwards.

Watch the company you keep and the crowd you bring
Cause they came to do drugs and you came to sing -Nas

I remember a prominent business owner in Chicago told me some years back that he likes to hang out with potential business partners in their environment. He wanted to see how their friends and wife conducted themselves because you get to see who they truly are by the people they associate with often.  Think about how many deals are done just because you hang with someone or associated with a certain person doing things. Funny thing is that even our government runs off association. Think about it even law enforcement will charge you for just being around someone who has committed a crime. So doesn’t make sense to watch the company you keep?

old school pic of african americans hanging outI get tired of people woman saying that this “men aint s***” or men saying “women aint s***” because if you keep on getting lame dudes or wack chicks its more a testament to who you are than who those people are. One day I sat back and really evaluated all the women I have dated.  I came to honest conclusion that most of the woman I have dated were pretty good woman all around. I could talk shit about how they weren’t doing this or that but the relationship ending was more because of normal relationship conflict they were mostly great women at the end of the day. The women who were wack or fraudulent eliminated themselves over time because positive energy will eventually reject attraction to negative energy. I exude so much positivity that it will eventually shake those off who are not aligned with evolution.

Slow down…I’m not saying through your friends under the bus and leave them alone and say fuck them because of their place in life.  You can keep your allegiance to those you have come up with but may also need to associate with more people who you want to be or have things in common with.  I also have taken the advice of the businessman and watched the people someone associates with before I would bring them into my circle.

Everyone has been shouting Drake’s hook as their new moniker “No New Friends” but maybe we need to evaluate our friends and lovers around too because maybe we do need some “new friends”. Loyalty in this world means everything–but we have to question how our loyalty is measured and for what purposes? Is our loyalty bringing us down or stopping our evolution? Why would we need to be loyal to someone who isn’t furthering our growth and positively supporting us? The saying “birds of a feather flock together” is true in many cases, but at the end of the day it’s your decision who to fly with and what way you gonna fly…

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8 responses to “Guilty By Association-You Are The Company You Keep

  1. So true! Its funny cause this past year i have stepped into a new realm in life. al lthat I desired and dreamed of is happening right before my eyes. I also noticed how calmer and relaxed I am because im not around a high stress level group of folk. I just came to this realization and now I know what was my issue in dealing with men on a personal level. Many times I found myself trying to be what I thought they wanted me to be, when in all actuality we had nothing in common and that’s why we could never work out. Instead of placing blame or man hating like I used to I said “You know what i had no busineness being with them and they had no business being with me”. I have gained new friendships I can be who I am and it feels like the best thing in the world. So all this time I was hangin gwith the wrong

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