What’s the Big (Fat) Deal? : Kim Kardashian’s Weight Gain

I stay on the periphery of media and pop culture. Part of me would like to stay up on it, but there is always such harmful messaging that I feel becomes an attack on my psyche. I don’t know if I’m sensitive or if the media is one sick and twisted space to hang out. Instead of just wondering it in my head I thought I would bring it to you.

While I don’t buy gossip magazines, I DO buy groceries and I can’t help but see time and time again the phenomenon of fat-shaming pregnant women. Unless they have thin legs, toned arms and you can’t tell their pregnant form behind, they are big targets (was that a pun?) for public slander until they come to term, have the baby AND lose the baby weight as fast as they can.

Of course, this has all been put on my mind from the very public coverage of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. So my question is this:

Is this just all about Kim being a media hog (shoot, is that another pun?) or is society doing the most by bashing women for gaining weight while they are pregnant?


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it seems to me the scale is tipped (definitely a pun) in the direction of making women feel ashamed about their bodies and making weight gain seem like a fate worse than death!

Issue #1 – One cannot avoid this fat shaming even if one tries

You may literally have to take up residence under a rock to not see some poor innocent pregnant woman getting clowned for gaining weight!

Again, sure you can have an opinion, but there really isn’t any counter voice speaking in defense of these women. Every single magazine was comparing Kardashian to Shamu, showing her bloated feet, and comparing her to an outdated sofa. You can’t see that and be unaffected. Any woman currently pregnant or considering a baby can’t help but think, “Man, is that how people see me?” and that is potentially damaging to both the body and the individual’s self-esteem.

By not being able to even pick and choose if you want to receive this message, don’t you think every last individual is impacted by these high expectations placed on women?

Issue #2 – If the message is that pregnant women can’t gain weight, then who can!?!?

Statistics show that there has been a rise in the number of girls in elementary school who are dieting more and developing eating disorders instead of going the balanced route of staying healthy.

I know women who don’t want to get pregnant just because they don’t want their bodies to change. (Um, what about the miracle of life?) Have we gone too far in pressuring women when they do not even want to procreate due to their waistline?

It sets up competition where there should be love. When a woman is going to have a baby shouldn’t the focus be on the beautiful event taking place, not about if she can pull of a bikini?

As Emma Gray wrote on in the Huffington Post, “These headlines affect how women see themselves and other women and how much time and thought and energy women put into fixing bodies that aren’t broken.”


Issue #3 – Why is so much focus on weight gain in the first place?

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that we should be in good shape and eat right and there are healthy ways to get there, but don’t women represent more than just bikini ready bodies?

Like Gray points out, “It’s about portraying weight gain as a central tragedy in a woman’s life…even while she’s pregnant,” which seems a bit extreme.

She goes on to say that this kind of bashing can “demonstrate how having a female body that is anything other than thin, whether it be average, overweight or simply pregnant — is being cast as both a crime and a punishment”. Is that message the truth?

I’d like you to weigh in with your opinion :) . Was this just another media stunt to keep the Kardashian name relevant or are women slaves to society’s expectations of being thin, no matter the circumstance?

What do you say?

Jennifer Covington is the resident Destiny Coach at www.DestinyDiscoveries.com. She’s a world changer humanitarian, traveler, writer and a Multi-Passionate Misfit.

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6 responses to “What’s the Big (Fat) Deal? : Kim Kardashian’s Weight Gain

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    America’s idea of fashion, style and weight gain/loss/ideal weight, are as assbackwards as their ideas thoughts & opinions on what beauty actually is.

  2. This attention whore chick deserves everything she gets with this. She thrives and lives off of attention and now she has it.

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  5. I think that both points are true (but a little slighted) – For me, This isn’t as much about Kim Kardashian being a media whore as it is about the media itself making big money off of portraying her as a media whore and at the same time loving every bit of it. They print the stories on her, because she makes them a lot of mula, not simply because she wants the attention (even if that is true). The powers behind media clearly understand that the people love/HATE her, which makes her a gold mine for media.The same people who love to slander her are the same people who love to read the stories about her. She definitely loves the attention and has capatialized on her “it” factor (as any person should), but that doesn’t give people the right to be cruel, malice and envious of her. Those are all personal choices and the people who make those choices may want to focus on their behavior more than Kim focusing on hers. Also, society IS “doing the most” by bashing women for gaining weight while they are pregnant. I won’t even begin to elaborate on the shame in that (while a woman is PREGNANT???? is a whole other opinion and level of pathetic) But weight in general, here it goes —>In today’s world, we enjoy focusing on comparisons and competition, mainly of a persons flaws (if none, they find some ex. “Who Wore It Best?”). It makes a good story and gives people an excuse to be judgemental at the highest degree , instead of simply accepting the person for being an individual and celebrating them for their differences. Media simply wants a “good story”, it doesn’t have to be accurate, have good intentions or provide any type of motivation for the person or persons it’s critiquing, just needs to be interesting on a mass level. The bigger the better. It holds no purpose of education, reporting the truth or at the least of being helpful. There is nothing wrong with a little competition, but our society’s pressure on people (not just celebs) is excessive and pretty shallow. I could go on forever about this so I’ll stop. lol. This is just my opinion… Thanks to the writer, Great read. Great post.

  6. #1. She’s fine… Beautiful people often receive more criticism. And that has a lot to do with the amount of backlash she gets. If she was ugly this wouldn’t be a story. #2. I feel like I only see Black people going at her head. Janet Jackson’s and J-Lo have been around the block with high profile people but we don’t question them. #3. I feel like her weight is just a caveat in all this. Jill Scott isn’t the smallest woman, but if she got preggo, the scale won’t come into question.

    At some point is it really just immature bullying? I mean we all kinda say that her talents isn’t what got her fame per se, but at what point does it cease? She’s an expecting mom. I like to see one who looked better during the pregnancy than before or possibly after? Good write!

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