Down-Low Brothers, St. Ides Brew, and Wrongful Rape

My hip hop and comedy podcast Straight Outta LoCash with comedian Jovan Bibbs, DJ Reminise and Teddy Simpson has been really cranking out some good shows over the past few weeks.

We have had some great episodes and great guests over the past month. We have discussed a woman having sex with more than 350 partners and the number of sexual partners they can have, down-low gay men using the word “Bruh” as a code word, the Brian Banks false rape accusation case, the BET Awards, St. Ides 40s, the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case, and our version of the Strawberry letter! We also include the best of new hip hop and R&B music that you may not get a chance to listen to or check out on terrestrial radio.

Make sure you check out some you can directly stream the shows CLICK HERE.

If you have I-Tunes you can download the shows for FREE!…YES FREE!…CLICK HERE.

If you have an Android, I-Pad, I-Phone, Tablet you can stream and stay updated on the shows via the Stitcher App CLICK HERE.


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3 responses to “Down-Low Brothers, St. Ides Brew, and Wrongful Rape

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