Beautiful and Crazy -The Halle Berry Stigma

Halle Berry is a very likable, pretty, and pragmatic woman when interviewed. In magazine spreads and in front of the rolling cameras she is goddess-level bad! But recently when I see her name on places all over the internet it is likely to be accompanied by the word crazy.

halle-berry-rageHalle’s life has been an open book to the world for a long time. She has somehow become the face of the beautiful but crazy stereotype due to her failed relationships and that one incident where she hit someone with her car and kept driving (tsk-tsk-tsk). Halle is a realistic woman when asked about all of this in interviews and she knows very well how she’s perceived and sees her man issues as a lack of good judgment on her part when it comes to mates.

Halle on her bad choices in men: “My picker’s broken… God just wanted to mix up my life. Maybe he was thinking, ‘This girl can’t get everything! I’m going to give her a broken picker.’”

As men we tend to come to the beautiful but crazy conclusion whenever a dime piece like Halle is known to have been dumped several times—don’t we? It just doesn’t compute with us that a woman this perfect and ageless in her beauty could allow any man to lose interest in her no matter what. Unless of course she’s so unbearable as a mate that the beauty goes right out the door when the honeymoon is over.

So how does a woman earn the crazy label in a relationship?

  1. By being untrusting and controlling.
  2. Setting fire to clothing or the house you live in (think Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez of TLC fame)
  3. Always trying to fight you physically even though you will clearly win.
  4. Cries over everything and uses her woman’s tears as manipulation.

Some of the women who I would classify as beautiful celebrities that have been accused of some of the above have been Naomi Campbell, January Jones, and Tyra Banks allegedly. The queen of the stigmas has always been Halle though whose former lovers and boyfriends have alluded to her being a handful to love.

Yet many of us claim to love crazy women – but is there any truth in this claim? Are there men out there who want a woman to love hard, opine for them when they are out of town, and check their smart phones for women’s numbers whilst they shower? It reminds me of guys who find it cool to say things like “I want a dominatrix” yet if they were to really experience one they would be scarred for life.

450_halle-halle-berry-body-1533321879All of the crazy is based on perception as an outsider and as fans we really owe it to our celebrity idols to give them the benefit of the doubt. The reason for my white knighting in this instance is due to the damage it brings to the non-celebrity women who look just as beautiful as Halle – our speculation leads us to think that they will “be just as crazy”.

To the men reading, do you find yourself doing this unconsciously—assuming beautiful women to be batshit crazy—or is it a stigma you feel is earned by those whose history you do know? I am very curious about this as it seems that by default we tend to paint them all with the Halle Berry stigma.

This guest post was courtesy of Greg Dragon (@hobdragon). Check out his Men’s Lifestyle blog Hall of the Black Dragon.

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25 responses to “Beautiful and Crazy -The Halle Berry Stigma

  1. I know for a fact that I’ve been guilty of this before. “Damn she that fine and ain’t got a man?!! MUST be crazy!” As time went on I stopped placing a premium on beauty as the ultimate factor of why a man would or wouldn’t commit. In general the more attractive you are the more breaks you might get in life. I think some dime pieces are single because they are used to getting their own way, and the minute the come across a guy who knows how to look past her beauty and deal with the person, it’s a rude awakening for her and she doesn’t know how to handle it. She doesn’t enjoy the feeling of having to be accountable. So she acts out (crazy)… I think the key for any man is to acknowledge her beauty but don’t make excuses for her because of it. No matter how fine you are I won’t let you act crazy with me.. I won’t act crazy back. I’ll just let my feet do the talking….

  2. I have found that some of your most beautiful and sexy women of the world are also some of your most controlling, manipulative, egotistically insecure, and emotionally unstable women of the world. I have had two or three bad experiences with “Dime Pieces” that made me feel like oharmans2cents …. that looks are not everything.

    Good read ….

  3. To say that Halle Berry has been dumped by all of her exs is a bit far fetched. Why would someone dump Halle Berry? They wouldn’t. Most of her relationships ended on her terms. I applaud Halle Berry for leaving abusers, gold diggers and cheaters. Check your sources. Also, the only times I’ve seen Halle Berry going crazy is when paparazzi are casing her and her daughter down. Why you gotta call black women crazy all of the time. I think its about time we let the stereotypes go. Talk about why guys lie, cheat or beat for example.

    • I think any confusion that he ladies above may have may be closely related to not reading more than the title if the article. Give it a chance ladies. Lol

      I have been labeled crazy before. Honestly, it stung a little at first. Then I had time to really look at why that was. I was just really hard to get along with. I didn’t work on my inner as much as my outter. Clinically insane wasnt accurate, but of you’re hard to deal with you’re just as compatible. I enjoyed this.

    • How much you want to bet that YOU are one of the crazy women he is talking about in this post? You gotta be from your irrational ass comments on this post

  4. Dude really? Crazy black women stereotypes! How surprising. Who would break up with Halle Berry? Check your sources, because I’m going to go with most of Halle Berry’s relationships ended on her terms. I applaud her for leaving physical abusers, cheaters, and gold diggers. This article is sad. I understand outsiders putting us down all the time, but our own men perpetuating these stereotypes again and again is just a slap in the face. I see why she went and married a white guy. The only time I’ve seen Halle Berry going crazy is on paparazzi when they are chasing her and her daughter down. Can we please stop putting black women into the crazy category?

    • Thanks fr reading but this line “our own men” always strikes a nerve with me. I wish that black women who want to prove a point in blog commentary would do so without expressing ownership over black men. It’s a bit too convenient especially when you aren’t checking for us when we’re up to no good.

      The article is a positive one, you do well to actually read it, I am as much a fan of hers as you are… well probably not – since you’re on it really hard.

      • Seems like you just want to say something just to say something, but aren’t you black? So I’m going really hard? If someone were talking about your gender and race wouldn’t you feel some kind of way? Obviously you do. We are both black. Nobody on this earth owns another I meant “our own” like black men. Men of our race. Actually, I don’t want to be associated with a group of men that disrespects me all of the time, but hey that is the hand I was dealt. What am I going to do?

        • I think the point of this posting was Beautiful and Crazy – Not Black and Crazy. Halle was chosen because of her dominating reputation as one of the most beautiful women in the world (widely agreed upon and documented in publication) and one of the most associated with crazy incidents (also widely reported on).

          D even noted January Jones as a one the other examples – she is white (Maybe you assumed she was black because of the last name Jones?).

          To make it plain – this is not a Black thing.

          To put it plainly -

    • As many have already said, I did not view this piece as a “ONLY Black Women have a crazy side.” I’ve known women who were Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic to be just as ‘crazy’ as some of the Black women who exhibit this type of behavior. Some of the women are LITERALLY crazy (i.e.,they suffer from a mental disorder, such as “Borderline Personality Disorder,” or “Histrionic Personality Disorder,” or “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” or one of the others) while others … again … are just very controlling, manipulative, egotistically insecure, and emotionally sensitive.

      • King of Verbal Seduction, thanks a lot for saying that. I appreciate you pointing that out, but I was just going based on this article alone. ALL of the examples were Black women. I mean give us a break is all I’m saying. The woman is happy, pregnant, and a newlywed. Talk about J Lo being crazy. She has had just as many men.

  5. Seems like you just want to say something just to say something, but aren’t you black? So I’m going really hard? If someone were talking about your gender and race wouldn’t you feel some kind of way? Obviously you do. We are both black. Nobody on this earth owns another I meant “our own” like black men. Men of our race. Actually, I don’t want to be associated with a group of men that disrespects me all of the time, but hey that is the hand I was dealt. What am I going to do?

  6. This is hilarious because my brother-in-law and I torment my wife with this Halle Berry point All. The. Time. LOL.

    But to answer your question. When I was single (ahem – because now this no longer concerns me daily) – I didn’t “assume” that a woman who was beautiful was also inherently crazy. But I also would say I wasn’t surprised by it when I came across it. To me the indicator is whether or not there is a constant cycle of men (not in the promiscuous sense but just relationships) associated with the woman. If you don’t know her personally and all you have to go on is her looks – and those are stunning – what’s left? Her personality. If 2 people are attracted to each other physically – then that doesn’t change (unless their appearance does). So what traditionally sours is their personal (vs. physical) relationship.

    As the saying goes “everybody can’t be lying”.

    Now that doesn’t mean that some guys don’t get off on making a woman crazy jealous etc. But again that’s easier to do when theirs already history of it with the person. So there’s some blame to go around sure.

    I had an old flame ask me years after we broke it off – why that happened? Like she couldn’t remember. I remember it perfectly because it was like one of the biggest arguments I ever had with anyone in front of other people including family. But the fact that she couldn’t even recall it? Let me FURTHER know she was crazy. Maybe she blacked out or something.

  7. I could be wrong, but it seems as if there was an expectation to be exclude Black women in the example simply because the writer is a Black man. Halle Berry is simply an example because she’s fine as hell, and mentioned o drive men off with crazy antics. Is she crazy? Truth is, nobody knows the truth. It’s just an example. It’s commonly said that women like Erykah Badu has an effect on you that’ll make you convert religions and and start wearing knit pants. Should it not be talked about by a Black writer? If this was written by a White man you’d have a SERIOUS problem with it! The racial component isn’t a factor on mental health or personality disorder. So what MAKE it one? And let there be no mistake about it.. Simply because A woman is Halle Berry or similar doesn’t mean a man won’t get tired of her, or being single isn’t a better option than putting up with her shit.

    • Since everyone wants to be on the defensive about the facts of this article, and try to say this isn’t about race even though three of the four women mentioned are of African-American decent. Please can any of you name three famous non-African-American women that are crazy?

      • Im a Black man. My primary source of socialization and entertainment (including hearsay) are Black people, so it’s only but natural that I know more about what goes on in the life of Black entertainers and rumors associated with them. So could I name a crazy White woman? No.. If a White man mentions Lindsey Lohan and “drug users” he’s not doing a disservice to White women because he doesn’t mention Whitney Houston instead. It might go past his target audience. I don’t know you, but I think you might be taking this a little too seriously .

      • Comparable to who D named? Ok so non African American Woman who are regarded as pretty and can’t seem to keep stable relationship due to crazy tendencies

        Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kim Kadashian, Jennifer Aniston (for years). Brittany Spears… List can go on.

  8. I gotta say that the problem is too many men look at beauty as a barometer of the woman and don’t give an average woman a chance in the dating game and then get burned by a woman just being fine. Its all on the man for putting up with bs from a pretty woman

  9. Edh4 now that we’ve established a pretty good list we need to write some articles about them being crazy and then send them to some publications so we can even things out. Can you do it?

    • It was a simple blog post you are reading too much into this and I’m convinced you take it do.personal cause you are one crazy like Halle

      • Hey Big Bank Hank. My fiancé asked me to stop writing back to you guys, so this will be my last reply. That last comment was a joke. Learn to laugh. I was having a moment though. I was over people talking about black women, and I wasn’t having it. The truth is there are fewer black woman in Hollywood and in America than there are white women and Hispanic women and the few role models that I have to look up to people are constantly trying to put down. But it’s okay. Black women are survivors! Keep hating because its motivation to go be with some white guy or foreigner!

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  12. What’s wrong with crazy? I don’t see how it is that it is so wrong to be that. She’s gorgeous and successful why can’t she be crazy??? Michael Jackson was crazy. so was bobby brown. Why is that so awful??? That’s what I don’t get. How is it bad??

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