The Gas Face: Don Lemon…Sagging Pants Aint Gonna Get Us “There”

Since the slaves were in the fields of America black people in a general sense have always wanted to get “there”.What is “there” well no one really knows but its gotta be better than this. In a general sense “There” means equality, prosperity, and non-bigotry. The whole idea of acceptance and getting there can be very contrived and heavy-handed. I will admit that black people have had many of a misstep in getting “there”. Yet, no one has really come up with a concrete way of getting “there” because no one has a real answer about getting “there”. The idea of getting “there” is in many instances shrouded around acceptance at any costs while others revolving around respect as a human being.

Bill O'Reilly and Don lemonDon Lemon this past Saturday not only does he give credence to one Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in his “ideas” of what black people need to do to get….”there”. Lemon proceeded to give his own 5 pointed manifesto on CNN of what black people need to do to get “there”. The issue with people like Don Lemon and others with his pathology is that sagging pants isn’t stopping black people from getting “there”.

I get what Don Lemon was trying to say He was speaking in summation about African-American’s personal responsibility. But isn’t personal responsibility something not just African-Americans but all Americans need to uphold? Lemon in his comments  offered nothing that has not been spoken about at ad nauseam with no real practical solutions.  He spoke about sagging pants, littering, saying “nigga”, and children out-of-wedlock, being the reasons that black people can’t get “there”. When in actually his tone and riding in on the Bill O’Reilly horse made him look like Spliff Star to ala Busta Rhymes. His comments looked in many ways as he was inferring that those “Negros” he was critiquing were the reason he and other black people like himself were not “there” and that maybe if these other black people could hold up the end of this bargain I could get all I worked for.

For instance, Don Lemon could have addressed the sagging pants comments in a constructive way that could be encompassing to self-responsibility but also American’s prison culture. He could have use that opportunity to add to his sagging pants point by also talking about the imbalanced sentencing processes, lack of rehabilitation provided, prison industrial complex, and the privatization of the prisons that foster the same culture he commented on that was rampant in his Harlem neighborhood.

Lemon also didn’t try to throw in the socio-economics of his area in Harlem (though the last I heard wasn’t Harlem basically gentrified now?). Lemon’s comments were most interesting considering that he is also a gay black male who has all kinds of red herrings thrown about his lifestyle from AIDS being spread by gay men to many other homophobic ideas.

We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.- Malcolm X

Don Lemon spoke nothing of the most important thing black people need if they are ever going to get “there”…knowledge of self. The only thing America respects is power and the only way power can be truly attained is through knowledge of self. Understanding who you are and your ability as man/woman is the most important thing that anyone needs. You can be the biggest man on aesthetically(society wise) who doesn’t sag, has PhD from Stanford and who is a part of the neighborhood clean up crew but if you don’t have a strong sense of self you’re just a person acquiescing to the power structure (see the character “Boxer” in George Orwell’s Animal Farm).

Don LemonAt the end of the day everyone’s idea of getting “there” is varies but one that only speaks to the lowest common denominator is the biggest flawed one. Lemon can comment on out-of-wedlock children but the last time I checked MTV’s  Teen Mom mostly highlights young white girls. It’s interesting that some of the people who always want to be not associated as more than “just black” (instead of blackness having varying degrees) are the first to criticize those they wish not to associate with either economically or culturally. Getting “there” isn’t just for black people take on there has to be some consorted effort by all people to have real discussions and solutions on the racism, bigotry, and hegemony in America.

I struggle with Don Lemon and those of his  ilk’s idea of what getting “there” is. Is mainstream assimilation and acceptance paramount to some people’s ideas of getting “there”? Are there problems in the black community has in front of them to move forward and inch closer to getting “there”? As Pierre Delacroix said in Bamboozled “Emphatically Yes!!”, but this idea of homogenizing and doing anything possible to be accepted by the mainstream will not get people to respect you but only to accept and tolerate. Lemon moreover was inundating and co-signing intentionally or unintentionally with those who believe that black culture is built on ignorance and not being educated. Which we all know is not true.

If black people are ever going to get “there” it is going to come from earning respect which isn’t  going to come from just pulling up one’s pants. I dislike sagging pants like many others  but if Lemon and anyone else with that pathology think that not sagging pants is going to stop bigotry in America or get black people“there”; I have an Iceberg in Florida to sell them

With all of that being said Don Lemon I have to give you the GAS FACE!!!….

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8 responses to “The Gas Face: Don Lemon…Sagging Pants Aint Gonna Get Us “There”

  1. “Bully”, I say Sir, “Bully”. Great tune and on point.

    The beauty of America is supposed to be;
    that we are free to be and still free to be.
    That what we are; so plain to see;
    doesn’t box us in but sets us free.
    The man who tells you, “Be like me”;
    believes his dick don’t stink like pee;
    What he wants is to en’-slave me;
    by telling me how I ought to be.
    But if I listen and give up choice;
    they’ll never listen to my voice;
    So mainstream leads to slavery;
    for everyone; even “Whitey”; see?

    Don’t give in. getting there should never be your goal. getting “IT” here is the goal. Make it come to you; us; on our terms. You earn it. You ought to be able to say “I want it this way”

  2. I actually agreed to some extent with his points. I did not see the broadcast, but I read his talking points. Sagging pants goes to how one presents themselves. We are a judgmental society and first impressions are everything. How can anyone take someone seriously who is walking around showing the crack of the arse or the drawers. It’s not the baggy pants, but it is the bafoonery associated with baggy pants that holds our young black men back. Sure, whites are doing it too, but we’re talking about what’s holding US back, not them. Even the most uneducated, slothful white person has it better than us which is sad.

    Littering goes to the desecration of one’s environment. Don’t look at it as simply littering. It evidences a bigger problem. We are not valuing or taking care of our homes and neighborhoods which thereby brings the property value down, which makes it undesirable for new businesses other than liquor stores and bars. The result of littering is actually quite detrimental to our community if you look at it this way.

    Lastly, the out of wedlock births absolutely is a hindrance in our community. This country was built upon certain principles. Since we live here, the only way to attain the power you speak of is to play the game. Obama had to play the game (don’t think he didn’t) to become President and so do we. Marriage is favored in this country so much so that the government offers perks and benefits for entering such a union. Also, it has been proven that kids who come from 2-parent households fare better. So, it would make sense that the abundance of fatherless homes IS keeping us impoverished, uneducated and ill-equipped to make it in this society.

    Although I do not do any of the things he mentioned, I wholeheartedly agree that as a whole, these are the things that are contributing to our inability to get “there.”

    Sure, there’s more we can do, and knowledge of self is where it all begins. But how do you propose we give youth knowledge of self? This comes from parents (2-parent households). During most of these discussions, we’re preaching to the choir anyway. The ones who really need to hear it can’t be reached unless some celeb says something, which is sad in and of itself.

  3. This bought so many points I have thought of for a long ass time!! You couldn’t touch on everything in this but when will we be a society if when things are going wrong in this country we blame the black people

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