Can Anyone Answer These 25 Questions For Me?

  1. Can we all admit that Miley Cyrus twerkin has made herself a minstrel show?
  2. Who said Christians weren’t freaks? And how dope is the idea Christian Swingers site?
  3. Are people going to start deleting their friends on Facebook since they are using people’s friends list to look a credit scores?
  4. Why haven’t you been playing the life changing music of Doe Man?
  5. Why has everyone that was NOT name by Kendrick Lamar responding?
  6. Who doesn’t believe that Ur Boy Bangz doesn’t have THE BEST response to Kendrick Lamar?
  7. Is it time for porn star Prince Yahshua to retire when he has injured his dick for the 2ND TIME??
  8. How long are people going to hate on Ben Affleck for being cast as Batman?
  9. Who really agrees with Pharrell when he says Justin Timberlake is the modern-day Marvin Gaye?
  10. How real are things getting over in Syria now?
  11. Am I wrong for buying Lee Daniel‘s The Butler on bootleg?
  12. Is it a good idea for the 1st Lady Michelle Obama to be dropping a rap album?
  13. Am I the only one who believes Martin was a better TV show than Seinfeld?Christian Swingers
  14. Doesn’t the Gospel remake of R. Kelly’s Bump and Grind NOT make you want to go to church?
  15. Why haven’t you subscribed and been listening to my podcast Straight Outta LoCash?
  16. Can we finally accept that Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta, Holy Grail was just an okay album?
  17.  Do we believe in the March on Washington more than we believe in ourselves?
  18. Who else is scared that Fox is going to somehow mess up X-Men: Days of Future Past?
  19. How sucker is it that 40 Glocc is suing The Game when he claims to be so “gangsta”?
  20. Who isn’t excited that Pole Dancing may become an Olympic Sport?
  21. Since steroids are so rampant in baseball why don’t they just go ahead and let players do it?
  22. Who else is counting down till the return of The Walking Dead?
  23. Is the Kardhashian family changing from being good luck charms to being a curse?
  24. Why did the mainstream media anoint Miley Cyrus as the “Twerk Queen”?
  25. With the diversity of good MCs out now are we in another Golden age of Hip hop?


Make sure you check out this week’s episode of the “Straight Outta Lo Cash” Radio Show. This week’s show “The Saga of Kendrick Lamar” feat. Nato Caliph. You can also subscribe to the show on I-Tunes or listen on your Android, I-Phone, or I-Pad with Stitcher Radio.

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9 responses to “Can Anyone Answer These 25 Questions For Me?

  1. I wanted to answer all of your questions, but I just selected a few:

    9.) NO ONE …10.) Frightening… 11.) Absolutely. Or not… 13.) I hope not… 14.) No. It makes me want to take a long shower, and not the sexy kind… 16.) Thank you!…17.) I’m afraid so…21.) I concur…22.) Me…25.) Nah

  2. HA! I have some answers…

    3. facebook? we still use that?
    8. didn’t know the DareDevil was also Batman. A man of many suits I guess- confuses people.
    9. JT is MG? I can’t even come up with words for that dumb comment. JT is talented but he’s no Marvin. It’s a disgrace to his name to put someone else in the same sentence!
    16. if you even want to call it ok- where did Jigga go?
    18. my husband
    19. very sucker- buut when there is no other way to “hurt” someone, go for their money
    20. jealous women- not everyone can get up a pole, requires strength and agility, which the average woman doesn’t have. the housewives are probably not so happy.
    22. it’s been 2 days since I thought of the Dead- thanks a-hole! lol
    23. where they ever good luck? their mother has created media monsters
    24. I have no idea- why are we even twerking? is there any other way we can express ourselves? I will say this though- her performance was crap but it’s already made good “remember when” history (like there’s any other kind haha) Just like when Kanye dogged Taylor Swift- might not have been good but did it’s job. He made her famous and Miley’s ass- or lack there of- is helping her rise to the top.
    25. man, I sure do hope so

    thanks for the laughs D.

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