Preachers of LA: Saving Souls or Saving Paper

Being an agnostic theist I am not the most religious guy but I have always wanted to keep myself in tune with many religions and philosophies. I don’t personally subscribe to any religious doctrine and believe that everyone’s spiritual journey is their own thing.  Christianity has been under fire the last few years from Catholic priests indiscretions, Bishop Eddie Long, financial irresponsibility and even recent a pastor being shot and killed by his deacon for sleeping with his wife and impregnating his daughter. Then there is reality TV which has replaced in many ways the traditional TV sitcom. Much of reality TV has been much maligned from Honey Boo Boo to Basketball Wives. They were even trying to give Shawty Lo a TV show about him and his baby mamas. So, what happens when you mix Christianity and reality…The Preachers of LA.

Preachers-of-LA-Group-ShotYou read it right the Preachers of LA. The Preachers of LA will air on Oxygen and follows 6 men of the cloth (Pastor Jay Haizlip, Minister Deitrick Haddon, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson, Noel Jones, and Bishop Clarence McClendon) in the Los Angeles area and gives the viewer a look into their lives ministering to their congregations. I can’t front when I saw the extended trailer for the show that I was intrigued as hell in it on so many levels. If you watch the trailer you see the preachers are trying to show all the sides of their lives from the congregations, their ministry, their wealth, and even their relationships.

The mega church and opulent ministry that has gained popularity has always been a point of contention with me particularly in the black community which has much of its roots in America grounded in Christianity. The black church has in the past has spearheaded many of the movements. For some the black church is more than just a spiritual experience. I have always questioned the motives of many of a Pastor who is shining just as much as Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri’s “Money Aint a Thang”. It some cases it feels if the Pastoring thing is a call to hustle just as much as a true calling from God. I mean the church game sometimes feels as if it is more about the show than the message and spiritual food people need for their lives.  Just like how pharmaceuticals are more about the money than the treatment/cure that’s how I feel about some people of the cloth (shout out to Benny Hinn and Creflo Dollar).

So, when I first saw the trailer I was like aweeee shiznit! They really gonna do the reality show thing with the church pastors! I have always figured that if I didn’t get some of my hustles poppin’ by a certain age I was going to o ahead and flip my hustle to the ministry. I mean if the Bishop the Magic Don Juan can be a spiritual instructor why can’t I?  I have just as much swag and ability as the brothas in the clip right? I feel this TV show can teach me about how to organize my congregation and flock. I have already Googled “how to be a pastor?” and found a wealth of information but just need a visualization.

Real Preachers of LA

I am not going to front the idea of this show and its premise sounds ridiculous as hell but then I started to think about it. Why not? I actually heard an interview with 3 of the Pastors on Sway in the Morning and they actually made me that the show could (be emphasis on could) dispel some of the notions many people have about preachers and their lives. Could they use this to show people the good ideas of being a Christianity? Is it going to give people more understand or be Tomfoolery with religion as its backdrop?

70% of the reason I am going to check it out is for the pure comedy it could be (and to also get a look into my potential future profession).  On the other hand it could end being something that surprises even someone as cynical as myself? I respect people who give their lives trying to help people get an understanding about themselves in the world around them but I do have a problem when it feeds into a personal agenda. That is my main issue with the concept of the show. Will it be about saving souls or prosperity, fame, and paper? God is all of us and we have to find it in ourselves and not just in those who teach it. But what do I know I am just an agnostic theist black man who sees some churches as just as much of a hustle as the drug game.

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9 responses to “Preachers of LA: Saving Souls or Saving Paper

  1. I will be blogging about this before its premiere next week. There is nothing in the Word of God that indicates that we are to be poor or live a “lowly life.” People think being a Pastor/preacher means you are supposed to be poor, but that’s not true at all. If you read the Word, some of the richest men alive were followers of Christ – King David, Solomon, Job…..the list goes on & on.

    People believe that a preacher is supposed to “donate” all of his wealth to the poor – that’s like me saying I should take all my food & donate it to the hungry. If people aren’t given the proper tools to feed themselves, then they will remain hungry. Same thing with the “less fortunate” in the church. The pastor doesn’t need to sacrifice his wealth that he earned, his church members just need to be taught how to be financially stable. Plus, preachers make most of their money from traveling, not their own church income.

    So much to say on this topic. *Sigh*

    Stay tuned for my blog about this…..

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