Open Friday: Why Are Woman So Frustrating??

Dear D,

I feel like I’m the epitome of a black male constantly friend zoned and disrespected by black women. I even try to date outside my race but they assume I’m like the rest and its frustrating. I’m tired of waiting and ill be dammed if I lower myself to a got damn dating site. WTF is wrong with people, why are we living if all people want to do is hurt and kill each other, it makes absolutely no sense to me. I feel like I’ve been blind but when I gained my sight I hated what I saw and things will only be better if I was ignorant to the truth. but its unfortunate because all I see is the truth. It keeps me up at night and I damn near rage beyond control because I don’t understand why is it so hard for everyone else to see the truth the way I do (and promise me I understand how that sounds) I’ve been sitting on the edge of a cliff for a while and really can’t find a reason to turn around because even the one woman who will possibly be mine in the distant future isn’t enough, because I still have to live in a world full of f***ery, bulls***, hypocritical, double-standard having, judgmental to everyone else but themselves, quick to fuck but never love ass people.


black-couple with tension

Dear Tony,

Man, I understand and feel your pain with your situation. This dating and relationship game is nothing for the faint at heart. All of the issues you are having valid as hell…no doubt. But, I want to have you venture out and think about what YOU could be doing to bring those women and people around your mist. I am a firm believer in we attract who and what we are at the time so maybe check your energy.

Let me even keep it more 100 with you. I am going to blame YOU for 75% of the issues you are having with women. You want to know why? Because we allow the majority of what happens in our life. Many times we always look to blame the other person for why they aren’t feeling or loving us the way we want them. Simply on the real I always say if something is going wrong in a relationship I have to ask myself and take full onus that is MY FAULT for not stepping up my game, allowing certain things I weren’t necessarily feeling ride, conducting myself correctly, or acknowledging that this person wasn’t in the lane I wanted them to be in. Understand this

Relationships are mirrors and reflections of ourselves and who we are. What we get out of people we deal with on that emotional level is a mirror back to us giving us a lesson we need to learn to become a better person. Moreover, I would suggest you take the focus of what’s wrong with women being having all the problems you have listed and ask yourself who are you be receiving that reflection back to you.

Speak your piece what do you have to say…

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4 responses to “Open Friday: Why Are Woman So Frustrating??

  1. the video was cool, a light hearted way of discribing a serious issue. I appreciate the advice and its funny because the first article I read of yours was from a woman who said most people do not like your responses because you speak the truth. It may sting a bit, but if thats the only sacrifice I have to make towards my pride for some crucial and much needed advice then ill read your response all day long. Thank you, I will work on who and what I allow in my life, and the energy I reflect upon others. People do say I walk around with a mug on my face and I have done it for so long now that I realize it, its somewhat difficult to just smile unless its genuine.

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