25 Questions For You To Ponder

  1. Does California owe Kash Delano Register a heavy amount of money for having him wrongfully in jail for 35 years?
  2. You thought his name couldn’t be Kash Register for real did you?
  3. Who would have thought that a man could die from receiving a wedgie?
  4. Why is that new Ty Dolla $ign track my new guilty pleasure?
  5. Why is purchasing a pair of Jordan’s just as dangerous as flying a plane full of cocaine for the Columbian cartel into Miami?
  6. Is Lalah Hathaway not the most underrated singer of our era?
  7. Why would anyone buy art constructed by George Zimmerman?
  8. What is the oldest a man can have braids not named Charlie Wilson?
  9. Who is not impressed by the slang term THOT?
  10. How dope is it that Game of Thrones will be back on in a few months?
  11. How demented does someone have to be to kill their mother over insurance money just to be able to floss on Instagram (ala Young QC aka Qawmane Wilson)?
  12. You didn’t think my podcast Straight Outta LoCash wasn’t going to go in on Young QC huh? Well, we did!!Young QC, accomlices, and mom
  13. How many other states are going to follow Colorado and legalize marijuana?
  14. Why do companies expect for people to be loyal to them when they aren’t loyal themselves?
  15. Who got the black panties that were supposed to come with the purchase of R. Kelly’s new CD?
  16. Has Kevin Hart over saturated himself?
  17. Could R. Kelly be the most influential and prominent artist in R&B history behind Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye?
  18. Is Ice JJ Fish serious with these videos of him singing or is he just trolling us?
  19. Have you seen the video of Young QC throwing away the money he got off of killing his mother? How much arrogance does he and his accomplices have to even do this?
  20. Have people bought so much into materialism that we will do anything to have and or be something?
  21. Didn’t wannabe thugs love their mama more than anything else?
  22. Why are people shocked about Dwayne Wade and Ludacris having children with side chicks? Is this a new kind of occurrence in life or something?
  23. How dope is the new trailer for “The Raid 2” look?
  24. Why do hip hop fan’s neglect to acknowledge the contribution of Naughty By Nature?
  25. Why are you sleeping on UK singer James Blake?

young qc flossing with dead moms money

Make sure you check out this week’s episode of the “Straight Outta Lo Cash” Radio Show. This week’s show “Young QC, Why You Gotta Kill Your Mom?” feat Snacks and DJ Cuzzin B. You can also subscribe to the show on I-Tunes or listen on your Android, I-Phone, or I-Pad with Stitcher Radio.

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