Why Marrying The Side Chick Can Go Right Or Wrong

Some men decide to fly the straight and narrow. Find one woman, wine and dine her, fall in love, get married, and live a life that’s deserving. On the other hand some men get caught in situations that leave them looking back wondering how did they get in that situation in the first place. I’m talking about the men that have side chicks. Some men can keep a side chick in their place, and often times there are women out there that even know their place to begin with. They’re not looking for anything. So what happens when you fall for your side chick. Will you decide to marry her or not? That will leave your main chick changing roles from the main chick to the side chick. Can you live with that? Before you answer here are some points on why marrying the side chick can go right or wrong.

Man and woman in turmoil1. It’s Just Plain Messy

In most cases some men can keep their side chick in check, however other times it doesn’t matter if the side chick is crazy or not. It’s a small world and things happen. Ask Peter Gunz of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop”. He’ll tell you on how messy things can change in a hurry. Then the fact you want to marry your side chick brings all sorts of drama to the equation. Over all its just plain messy not to mention can save you a lot of potential embarrassment.

2. Who’s Holding You Down?

On the flip side of the coin, not to say that it’s right but maybe your side chick has been there for you since day one. Possibly she’s the one that really could hold things down, and your main chick could be the one dropping the ball. A lot of relationship blogs out there will tell ya not everything that glitters is gold. However, what if the thing that you think is the gold really isn’t. There have been many lasting relationships that have come from being the side chick. Not to say it’s initially right in the beginning, but if that woman is holding you down while the wife is out and about and not taking care of things for you then maybe you should possibly end things with her before you give your all to your side chick.

3. Side Chick Position: Vacancy Open

Lets say you’re the bold one and do marry your side chick. What happens then? Think about it, the side chick position is available yet again. Yea sure you married your side chick, and everything is fine and dandy. If you let a side chick into your life to begin with, what makes you think you won’t let that happen again. Another reason things can go very wrong when you marry the side chick.

man with women and side chick4. 100% Truth

Marrying your side chick has a few last perks. Usually with a side chick you know what you’re getting in the beginning. You’re honest with her, and she is with you. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone lies, but chances are you’re more likely than she is. She says she’s out with her girls, she probably is. She won’t lie to you because there’s no reason to; she just became the main chick. She gets all of you.

A side chick isn’t for everyone, but hopefully if you do decide to have one and you’re contemplating on marrying her make sure you know all the pros and cons of the decision!

Brandon Grimes is a freelance writer and avid poetry fanatic. He writes short stories, poems, top 10 posts for various niche industries across the country.

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7 responses to “Why Marrying The Side Chick Can Go Right Or Wrong

  1. Good post, interesting read. Not sure if I’ve ever read a post similar to this one in my years of blogging. Many writers, it seems, shy away from showing respect to side chicks, for whatever reason. If I had to say – probably the best bet is to keep the side chick on the side and the main as the main. Like you said, it’s more likely the roles will reverse and you will find yourself in the same main chick/side chick situation, anyway. Not to mention there is a good reason the side order is a side order in the first place.

  2. I would never, ever date or marry a “side chick.” Any woman that was willing to interact with me sexually while I was supposed to be monogamous with another woman does not earn my respect at all. (And Darryl, you know I have said this in two or three of my articles)

  3. well… as a woman, I don’t advocate for the side piece (male or female). but I’ve seen this first hand with my father. his first wife was a total bitch when they were married. he was married to her for 10 years and admitted to me, many years after their divorce, that marrying her was a mistake. they were separated for maybe 5 years and during that time he started dating his current wife. they’ve been married now nearly 10 years and are really happy. so, I can agree with your second point. people make mistakes with who they decide to be with.

  4. Some men say they wouldn’t marry or be in a serious relationship with the “side chick” which is a trip to me. It’s funny how men will say they don’t trust this woman because she is with a man that is married or in a serious relationship…..HELLOOOOOOOO… so the man knows this for sure as well and still goes to another woman. So how does this make it ok for him? Just because he is a “MAN”…. hear him roar. No Booboo….that aint so. Check yourself. If you are will to be with a so called side chick…I prefer another woman…you are just as wrong and un-trust worthy. So many times the woman gets the blame when the man is simply “being a man.” Bullshit….that highway flows both ways. My thoughts are these are two adults….if he falls in love with her…fine…let the woman he is with know. Be honest up front in the first place and maybe he doesn’t have to go to another woman. But I have learning in my 53 years of living that people can’t handle the truth…..thus where lies is formed. Good topic.

  5. Muffin, I am not sure if your comments are directed at me … but assuming that they are … I personally do not believe in the entire notion of “mistresses” and “side chicks.” If you were to read my books (http://www.amazon.com/Alan-Roger-Currie/e/B002BLQ9Q0/), you would know why I feel that way. I am not a fan of cheating at all.

    I believe if a man wants to have sex with two or more women, he should have the balls to tell both women UPFRONT and STRAIGHTFORWARDLY. I don’t believe in that whole “sneaking behind-the-back” bullshit.

    I said this to someone on Facebook recently: NO TRUE PIMP or MACK / PLAYER has “mistresses” or “side pieces.” The closest they may have to that scenario is their “main” sex partner, and then a number of “secondary” sex partners. But all of the women know that this man is fucking other women.

    I am a true PLAYER. Most men who know me, know this. I don’t “run game” on women. Whenever I have had two or more sex partners, all of the women who I was fucking KNEW THAT.

    End of story…..

  6. As a dude that considered such a move, I was talked out of it by the side piece. She felt that we started off wrong, so things wouldn’t work out in our favor. I disagreed, but she wouldn’t change her mind.

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