Sometimes Its Hard to Judge People When We Are ALL Just “Trying People”

The other day I was scrolling through my Instagram and of course it was littered with a smorgasbord of different types of pictures from people’s meals, to kids playing in the snow, or a family gathering. But, let’s keep it real the majority of Instagram is a haven for people to get attention and to show how much their life is so great and grand. Let’s keep it real that is definitely a substantive part of social media. One morning I saw a party hosted here in the STL by one Floyd Mayweather and the event went along dope but I proceeded to see videos of dudes on stage throwing money off the stage at the party. Yes, this is nothing new and has been a part of hip hop culture since Diddy and Mase donned the shiny suits. The one thing that confused me was why dudes were throwing money yelling “I’m down with the Money Team” but obviously they weren’t. I picked up my keyboard and was ready to write a vehement post about self loathing and jocking another man’s testicles but that was until I my I-Tunes shuffled to De La Soul’s “Trying People”

broke dudes flossinWhat I have begun to realize is that most people and all of what they are doing in life is seriously trying to be happy and make a better way for themselves. Now these ways can definitely be destructive and misguided but nonetheless most people are just are working on their happiness. And sometimes on this road to happiness they do what feels go for the moment. We all are works in progress and this idea of us all “trying” is bigger than dudes throwing away money and women anxious for attention at any cost. It is about us understanding who we are and where we going so we can transition from a trying person into a doing person. The interesting thing is we all don’t get to that place at the same time and let’s keep it real a lot of people will never get there for various reasons.

What it breaks down to is that we are ALL fragile human beings who can all be hurt and respond to pain and striving for happiness in various vassals. We all have been criticized if not by the people around us but society as whole for where we may be in life. But, the crux of it all is that we still keep going and moving forward because we are “trying people”. We have to step back many times and understand that everyone is simply “trying” and all of things we believe they should could be unwarranted. We all do what we can to protect our fragility in whatever way we can.  One cannot get hung up on the end goal but the process of a person is what is the most important not just the end. Many times it’s not where you end up in life but the distance traveled.

black woman climbing and woman thirst trappinAs much as I work hard on taking myself to a better place and people asking me about how to go on and have an idea of change. It’s sometimes hard for me to even tell them because I am still “trying” to get myself to a better place. We all NEVER get this game right and I am sure if we go through every one of our backgrounds we will see a group of broken bridges and burned houses by OUR OWN doing. But you know what we get up the next day and keep going. We have to look at getting up the next day as an opportunity to get closer to transition in a place of just “trying” to a place of “doing”. Like I have said before if you aren’t doing something and moving forward it really is just hearsay.

I am a true believer that things don’t really change in life they just evolve and morph into something we believe is different from the past. There have always been people overdosing on life more than others. The game hasn’t changed. With that being said people have always done whatever they can do to cope with the harsh realities of life. There will always be people who put more stock in money, drugs, looks, and things more than personal inventory. That part of the game of life will never change is that most people I generally feel do want to do the best for themselves even if they don’t know how to be a better them. The next time you see a girl “thirst trappin” or a guy flossin’ his dollars he made at Burger King take a time to realize that this maybe the best thing they can do now to find happiness. Because we are all working to get to another mental place because at the end of the day we are all just “trying people”….But, let us not simply starting giving people trophies for just trying cause we can innovate and elevate ourselves.

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2 responses to “Sometimes Its Hard to Judge People When We Are ALL Just “Trying People”

  1. I have longed for a post like this…….. you have no idea how many years I personally have had this POV; I simply want t obe the Best I can be at whatever it is I decide to do (which is to be a Federal Aget n of the FBI/ATF/U.S. Marshals and then a Politican in Congress- House or Senate), basically Live Well and not Struggle like I am now. I’m also a Father and I want to leave a Good Legacy for my Daughter so she knows and understands that her Father LIVED, albet I had Bad Times along the way….

  2. I was waiting for a post like this…..Regardless what I do in life I want to know at my last moments in life I Lived and did the Best I Could and (almost) Everything I wanted and needed to do

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