Don’t Let The Idea of Valentine’s Day Fool You!

This holiday is suppose to get lovers to express their love for each other by presenting flowers, greeting card, dinner and so forth. A lot of people get excited about this particular holiday, because they may be waiting on what they think should be the best gift ever from their lover/significant other.  After all, it’s all about love. Right? Well, that depends.

To some it’s a special time to celebrate together, and to intentionally decide what they are going to do in the coming year to deepen their friendship and strengthen their relationship.

valentines day candiesThen, you have some who’s not really into the Valentine’s Day celebration, but they may be with someone at the moment who is. What is one to do? In relationships we have to make sacrifices, and do things that may not really be that big of a deal to us.  Just because one person in the relationship isn’t big on the holidays doesn’t give the other individual an excuse to overlook the one who looks forward to these special days.

But, at the same time you can’t look at what someone else has, what they are doing and expect your love one to do the same for you.  Everyone circumstances are different and that plays a major role when it comes to these holidays.  Going out buying gifts knowing that you can’t afford it will only make you dread the holidays.

Now, don’t get me wrong everyone likes receiving gifts every now and then, but the pressure of gift giving on holidays can be very frustrating. There’s nothing like spending hours looking and shopping… then finally finding that perfect gift to give to someone, but it turns out after spending your hard earn money they are unhappy with the gift you gave them. I thought it was the thought that counts.

There’s many ways to show your love without spending to much money or none at all.  Take the day off and spend it together. You can fix a nice romantic dinner at home, soft music, candles, watch a movie together. Candle lit bath with  petals from their favorite flowers on the floor and in the tub, a bottle of wine, a full body massage that will definitely lead to hot passionate love making. I could on go, but you get the picture.

Keep the guys in mind when it comes to V-Day. It seems that this holiday is geared towards the ladies, but the fellas like to be showed some love as well. How about switching things around? Take your man to dinner, run him a bath filled with oil and flower petals, put a smile on his face.

I think a lot of men feel pressured when it comes to Valentine’s Day. They really don’t want to upset their spouse, partner, girlfriend or whoever by “not coming through with the right gift” on the celebration of Love and affection day.  But, to do what other people are doing on that day will come with a pretty price tag for some.

Some people will use that day to go over board with lavish gift such as jewelry, romantic get aways, expensive restaurants. It’s just flat out ridiculous when we don’t have the funds to spoil that special someone in our life right now, and they think we should do all that and more, because it’s Valentine’s Day and everybody else is doing it. Unfortunately, some will break the bank on Valentine’s Day.

couple holiding heart together valentines dayPersonally, I think couples should show their love and how much they love each other everyday, and not just on Valentine’s Day. Meaning I would appreciate the dinner, movie, roses, and chocolate, more because I was not expecting it.

Unfortunately, even tho we tell our spouses, significant other that we love them everyday. The Valentine are to make sure they receive something so they will not be wondering why they didn’t get one.
You might feel forced or obligated to buy something not because you are in a romantic mood, but you feel you must, and you don’t want any hurt feelings or end up in the doghouse with your partner.

Be conscientious with your spending. Remember it is the thought that counts and not the price tag. At the end of the day, you should remember Valentine’s Day for years to come. Not because of how much was spent or not spent, but that you enjoyed the company of your love one.

This guest post is courtesy of Tonya Mooney and she can be reached on twitter @nappy4life.

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3 responses to “Don’t Let The Idea of Valentine’s Day Fool You!

  1. Let’s set the record straight about this day- it is NOT a holiday. The decision for couples or those still in the early phases of a relationship should be theirs, plain and simple. I’m so tired of hearing the men or even women complain about the pressures that come with this say. Feeling obligated to buy her roses (that she probably doesn’t want) or some other tokens of supposed affection from the men. Feeling obligated to reciprocate and move the planets to get dolled up AND give some much anticipated head from the women.

    If you’re starting out why not share your likes/dislikes for Valentine’s Day up front, then there isn’t so much pressure because of the expectations to do something that day?

    Every year we have these same conversations about who does and doesn’t, why it should be more than just one day etc… by now, it should be a non-topic and instead, let’s focus on how to make our situations with our loves great all year!

  2. Valentine’s Day is a “special occasion” and if its in your power don’t allow the day to pass without showing you care about your loved ones. Its really not the amount of money spent but it’s the thought that counts. Everyone wants love and the hatred surrounding this day proves it…whether people admit it or not. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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