Black Enterprise-Black Bloggers Month


2011 Black Weblog Awards Best Culture Blog


2011 Black Weblog Awards Best Blog Series: The Marcus Graham Chronicles



Straight Outta LoCash Podcast

Black N Bougie Radio: “Questions for the Fellas”

Beats Radio: “Marriage is the Honeymoon Over?”

Up4Discussion: “If She Was Freakier, She Would Be a Keeper”

The Vibe and Vegas Show: Interview on being a Black Blogger and Winning Best Culture Blog at the Black Weblog Awards

Up4Discussion: “Freaks in the Fast Lane”

12 Radio: “Dating: The Good and The Bad”


Kontrolled Khaos: Viewers Choice Discussion

Kontrolled Khaos: Rules of Dating


Black Man Can: League of Extraordinary Black Men

Black Enterprise: Top 20 Black Bloggers of 2012

St. Louis Post-Dispatch-St. Louisan Named Top African-American Blogger

If you would like to contact me to be apart of your show or blog don’t be afraid to hit me at

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